Friday 14 April 2017

Simple Crochet Pattern for Washcloth

Simple Crochet Washcloth Pattern

If you are new to crochet and want to start using crochet patterns making something simple, but useful, then this pattern is perfect for you.

It's a practical washcloth, or facecloth, or it can even be used as a dishcloth, and it is easy to make.

I wrote this basic crochet pattern in especially simple language, to help the beginner crochet addict to learn the special terms used in crochet patterns.  It uses 'Chain', 'Half Double Crochet' and 'Single Crochet' stitches (all USA terms).  In UK terms it's 'Chain', 'Half Treble Crochet' and 'Double Crochet' stitches.  See how confusing they are ?!!

This pattern is written using USA crochet terms, but is also available in UK terms.  Be aware that they are different, and yet unfortunately very similar, so make sure you learn the terms for the area you live in.  You can always learn the alternate terms at a later date, when you are more confident and proficient.

I am always happy to help anyone who is using my patterns, so feel free to contact me for help.

The pattern is for sale on Etsy

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