Sunday 21 May 2017

Crochet Sweater for Rescue Chickens (Jumper if you are English !)

Yesterday I collected 6 wee little ladies who had been rescued from slaughter at 15 months old.  All battery farm caged (and free range & organic) hens, are killed at that age as their egg production starts to drop.

Many thanks to LittleHill Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Co Kildare, who over the last 2 weekends saved almost 8,000 little hens from death.  These poor wee things have had a life of hell.  NO real sunlight ever, no darkness ever, perpetual light, stuffed in tiny cages with many others, no solid floor, never seen the sky or grass and so on. So sad and so cruel, all for a profit.

Ok, enough campaigning against battery farming !  When these little hens arrive, they have to varying degrees, very few feathers.  So they are going to feel the cold as they have been used to a constant temperature.  Little cold ladies need cute little jumpers to wear don't they ?

I didn't have time to design my own pattern, as they needed the jumpers right now.  Hence I looked on Etsy and found this very simple and very fast chicken jumper crochet pattern for a reasonable price, in a shop called CreativeCrochetbyBAS. (Links below to shop and pattern)

Chicken Sweater crochet pattern from CreativeCrochetbyBAS on Etsy (link below) 

Once I have finished my sweaters and get them on the hens, I'll take a photo of my own and add it to this post.

Crochet Chicken Sweater Pattern on Etsy (CreativeCrochetbyBAS)
LittleHill Animal Rescue & Sanctuary - Facebook page
LittleHill Animal Rescue & Sanctuary - Website
The Hogsprickle Wildlife Rescue - Facebook page
The Hogsprickle Wildlife Rescue - Website
CreativeCrochetbyBAS shop on Etsy

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